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Being married for years turned me off to dating. Now that I'm divorced, looking for some hot sex is my only priority. I always spoil the girls who come out with me, including the already spoiled married ones. It's the perfect situation. Not to mention, I never realized how hot cougar hunting could be, but those women know their way around the block. Every girl and women on this website is gorgeous and amazing and I hope to meet all of them personally. I'm the kind of guy to treat you right, even if it's just for one night. I will be your knight in shinning armour. Thanks for helping me realize that even after being married for so long, I still got game. This site makes me feel young again and I'm not that old. It gives excitement to my otherwise very boring life. I will treat you like a queen. Casual sex or an on going thing, as long as we can both agree Relationship Dates is the place to be.


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