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I am a 51 years old straight single man living in Hillsboro, Oregon

Sexy Lady--Please Rescue Me!!Sexy Lady--Please Rescue Me!

Let me be blunt (mabey a little crude). I am a disfunctionally married man with a dead sex life. Not by MY choice mind you, its just the way it is.I am reasonably attractive, with all my hair intact, neatly-trimmed beard and am stocky-built but not fat,5'8"& 175lbs. I have a chubby 7" cock named "Abraham"; he is hairless as are the two nuts that live next door.I have a decent job and work nights 3-4 nights a week, and I keep the same schedule all week long, so I'm up all night Thursday- Saturday.I am very oral, I love deep, soulful kisses, and giving tounge baths. I love everything about the way a woman tastes and smells. And my favorite dining experience? Well I guess that would have to be the "Y", of course!I am also very adventurous, I would love to help you with your toys, and with the exception of B&D or pain, I will do anything to drive you wild. See, I figure it this way If I can make you feel really good, you will just naturally make me feel really good!!

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