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I am a 42 years old straight single man living in Guelph, Ontario

Filthy Rich with Heart Condition

My life is truly wonderful. I'm fit and healthy. I have great friends who love me and look out for me. I run a very successful business. I have the coolest loft in town, by far. -)I'm a combination of a brilliant, driven entrepreneur, bad speller, guitar-playing-green-party-voting hippie, otter (I love the water), traveller, non-judgemental vegan, and I look like I'm in my 20's.With the nature of this site, I'll add... I'm not like most men. I ENJOY hours of foreplay... and I am not intimidated by your vibrator. I'm looking for an intimate friend who is open to exploring. I've also been practicing tantra for about 7 years and can do things that will blow your mind. -)

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