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I am a 40 years old straight single man living in Oshawa, Ontario

Looking for someone to have fun with, and if it leads to more, that is a bonus

I am a single guy with no drama or baggage. I am a very romantic, passionate guy, I am fit, and I am very giving, and thoughtful, and have been taken advantage of, and screwed around on the other more serious websites. So, I am on here because I am frustrated with it all, and figured I would come on a site like this and not allow myself to get all serious and expect any emotional commitments. I am an adult and miss the physical part of being with someone. I feel that a sexual realationship between two adults is perfectly fine and natural if that is what they are both looking for. Hey, I am sure we have all had a one night stand before. I am open to what ever it is that comes along. If I get a message from a girl who just wants to meet, and see if we pass the quick interview stage and you want a night or more of just physical pleasuring and hours of great sex than I am very capable of providing that. I am very experienced, enjoy and love to spend hours giving erotic mesages with body oils and toys, and have the stanima and control to give a girl a full night of pleasure and great sex. If you would rather meet up a few times first and move at a little slower pace, I am ok with that too. I am a gentleman and treat a lady right. And, I am also open to meeting someone for a relationship if the right girl does does come along. I am here for what ever comes my way. I am very open minded and have no real limits or restrictions. While in Rome, do what that Roman's do so to say, lol.So, whether it is you just want quick causual physical ecounters, physical relationship after sometime getting to know one other, or want to date and are looking for more, I am yours to test drive and waiting to hear from you

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