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I am a 22 years old gay single man living in Orlando, Florida

" I wanna go out on dates and be old fashion" :)

"Well right now I'm a freelance make-up artists who's looking to improve my skills and portfolio, as an artist. I'm very creative and love drawing and painting but make-up is more of a challenge and also fun which something that I like allot about make-up. I want to be well rounded as much as possible with make-up from, Beauty to FX make-up. I'm also very dedicated to my work, I'm a people person which I think is a good trait to have as a make-up artist or just in general as a person, also treating everyone as equally as possible and showing respect towards each other. I want to succeed as a pronounced make-up artist but of course I'm slowly working my way there and I know I will reach that dream someday soon =)."

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