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I am a 28 years old straight single man living in London, Ontario

Looking for someone wild, to try anything and have fun!

well, after summing myself up to a bunch of yes or no, a or b questions it should be self explanatory but sadly it isnt. I liek to share thoughts with those who care to listen, tending to be more right wing than anything else, (i dont call myself different or a unique snowflake---im not so different that im the same), although i am a walking contradiction. Im doing this now cause im bored, and want to meet new people. Im pretty outgoing so to say, i can keep a fast pace and never have too much trouble meeting people. I finished my 2nd year of anthropology and psychology, and lived in this mad house of 7 guys,,,,great times all around. Im in london for most of the year and in the summer i live in ottawa, working and looking for fun (as usual )I am of estatura mediana (like that eh) and workin back my strength this summer. Im not full of myself (to keep things clear) spontaneuity is good (see im not in eng so i dont have to spell or use good punctuation or grammEr) I can be wild, but i like to relax too, everyone needs to recooperate and chill out with someone special at times right? looking for someone funny, cute, outgoing and also easygoing...honest loyal and all the other standard moral virtues are a bonus as well) Im looking to try new things, and im very open minded. I am a guy so you can assume the basics for any male... my story (is already a familar tale) so ill let you inquire if necessary. Congrats if you read all my rambling too, it has kind of been a continouous stream of writing without any revision, but i felt that is the best way to go as it seems the most honest when trying to be true to yourself. Thanks for the patience

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