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I am a 59 years old straight single man living in Clearwater, Florida

Love to eat pussy. Any time of the month or after its been used. Love to eat hairy cunts and kiss your ass all over

Here are some of the things I like to doFast dance free style for 30 minutes on a packed dance floor, late on a Friday or Saturday night, power walk for 4 miles in 1 hour or Cycle for 25 miles. I skate for 10 miles. I do 1or 2 of this once a week.I have high energy and great health from eating right and exercising. I am 6 foot 180 lbs. 34" Waist. BP 126/66 Cholesterol 157. I am a healthy, active man and I like dancing to the top 40s. I dont smoke or drink ALCOHOL, but I have great fun and good times.My son dared me to get a spike haircut, and I did. (Oct 16) 06.I am a sensual man who is extremely romantic. I LOVE to make love to the woman of my life. I cherish long conversations, romantic walks on the beach. I am extremely affectionate and would want someone that would welcome touching, kissing and the like, someone to hold hands at the movies and loves to cuddle, and to be loved. I love to kiss her from head to toe. I also like wet, sloppy kisses. I am a one woman man. I want to find my dream woman and marry her in a church.I love kids, grand kids, animals and I am very honest and clean.I take care of my own laundry and I cook my breakfast that I make from Oat bran and Wheat bran. I do cook and bake, but dont do windows.I am not a sport fan of any kind neither do I play golf but, I am an Internet junkie. If you would like to do some of this, lets get together

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