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I am a 55 years old straight single man living in Mississauga, Ontario

Attractive male looking for excitment.

I consider myself an attractive mid-age man works very hard in life. On my down time I am looking to spice things up a bit. I have a great appetite for sex and looking for some excitement. I am not looking to settle down or to get too attached. Its a must that I stay discreet about my secret life on this site due to my work. I love to travel and at this point I want to see more of the world you only get once in life so you have to make the best of it. I am looking for clean fun with no drama or the women from hell! Dont need anyone monitoring my where about; been there done that. So I feel the need for No String Attached Fun. I feel that I am a sensual man that is in touch with himself, I enjoy lots of kissing and touching and hours of foreplay with a woman. Sometime I dont feel the need to satisfy myself but need to satisfy my partner. I am disease and drug free and I want to stay that way. I am very selective about who I am with, I prefer women that are fit, I have dated large woman that were very attractive. If you contact me please include a most recent photo of yourself not one that date back 20 years ago when you was the bomb! Sex in not all I am looking for but most important your friendship. Please dont be fool by my friends network most of the people I have very little contact with I would say 80% of them. (People on the site you know what I mean) So remember most recent photo and return I will send you one on request.

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