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I am a 24 years old bisexual single woman living in Panama City, Florida

Please live HAPPY. :)

My fiance wants me to get into threesomes... So we are looking for safe fun people to play with. :)-------------------------------------------------------------------I have been getting a lot of IMs lately when I log on.. My computer isn't so great so if I get too many my firefox crashes, so I can't really respond to everyone. Please do not take offense!! I'm not trying to be rude I just can't talk to everyone. :( Also please understand that I am not interested in older men.. anything passed 35 I get a little uneasy over, I'm sorry. I'm sure you are nice people, I'm just not sexually interested in someone who could potentially be as old as my father!For anyone who I could possibly meet in real life, if you're wanting to meet now please be aware that my body is not fit or toned. I am working out and hoping to get a sexy smooth and toned tummy soon but right now it needs work. I don't want you thinking that I am perfect when I am not. Thank you!P.s. I have many more pictures.

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