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I am a 49 years old bi-curious single woman living in Kelowna, British Columbia

I am an Ethical Slut ;)

If I am on then I am on...lol meaning I want to watch...I may want to show...but I want to see you.As for meeting...I am polyamorous and play safe. I get tested and so does anyone who wants to play with me. I am happy to show you my paperwork, in exchange for your own. I have a roommate who knows that I am Poly, but I cannot host. The Poly part means, I may not mind if you are married but I do mind if you are playing without their knowledge. Sorry, I don't mind being 'another' woman but I do mind being the 'other' woman. As I said, I am an 'ethical' slut. LOLHowever I do love to play and mostly to watch. I would love to be part of your orgasm. I would love to tell you what you need to hear. I would love to hear you as your hand grips your cock and strokes it...watch that bead of cum and imagine licking it off of you...Cum for me!Yes, I tell stories...the good kind. If you are needing a fantasy to get you rolling, I would love to help, you can go read my stories on my blogspot page. Just search for this name there.Me? Overweight and working on that. Lets get the breast issue out of the way too...they are miss-sized but loveable. As am I. I love to fantasize and I love anything sexual. There is nothing sexier than the sounds a man makes when he is ready to....I am also adding a picture that hopefully will assist all those who are searching for big breasted, tight bodied women...as you can see in the pic I am neither...thank heaven's what I have works so well....

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