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As I have said before, Forever more. As I am here waiting for you in the shroud of fog. For I cannot see you be I hear your voice calling me to come to you. Every time I hear you call I move towards the sound. As I cannot see in the mist I travel so slow that I feel as if I lost my way. For your screams are heard by my ears, even if they make no noise. For the words that I do not speak I wish that your ears could hear. For the gentle sound that I hear gives me all I need, for I know that is comes from you. From the mist that I am trapped in I am waiting to be with you. As I am covered in confusion and torn to pieces from the angel that I could be and, the demon that I am. For you are the light in my world as I am the shadow in yours. For we cannot live without the other as light and darkness are one. Until the day we meet face to face we have to find ourselves in the mist/darkness that holds us close. So we meet the person that we truly are and not the mask that we hide behind in the publics eye.

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