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"I didn�t expect to meet so many friendly people to date! "- ballsnass

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I brought up the idea to my husband, about meeting another hot couple online. He was worrisome at first, but when I showed him how professional and comfortable Relationship Dates was, he jumped on board. We have an amazing sex life and now it's even better. My husband tells me all the time how beautiful I am. Fights have turned into presents and foreplay. I can't believe how amazing things turned out for us. We owe it all to Relationship Dates. We're back to being best friends who like to have fun. - ILoveHerAndYou
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My husband and I love to swing. But we grew tired of being shot down by our friends who didn't understand that swinging was healthy for a relationship. My wife suggested we sign up here. We met so many couples just like us who didn't judge and jut wanted to have a good time and wine. Orgies, swinging, key parties, all of it happens and all of it makes our lives so much happier. My wife and I love each other more than words, and this site helps us explore our needs together. It's why we have the strongest relationship out of everyone we know. Divorce is a topic that has never been brought up once. We're going to renew our vows next year, and we can thank a lot of our relationship to Relationship Dates - WeWantYou246
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My boyfriend suggested that before we graduate college, we should go crazy. We had had public sex, and threesomes but we needed to have a night of swinging. This site helped us meet a perfect couple our age who just wanted to go a little crazy as well. After playing strip beer pong, things took off. It was the hottest night of our lives all thanks to Relationship Dates. If you are a hot young couple looking for the time of your life, give us a call. We love meeting new people and we are up for anything you could have in mind. Which is a challenge. - JoinUs4Fun

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Couples on couples on couples, this is more than just a hook up website, it's helping you get out of your shell and finding what truly turns you and your partner on. You may be head over heels in love but that doesn't mean you cannot have a little fun outside of your spouse. It's not cheating if everyone is involved. So, go ahead be wild! Spice up your life with a little two on two fun.

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My husband and I were fighting constantly. Our lives had become all work and no play. So I decided to fix that. I found a sexy couple on here and through a dinner party, little did my husband know, this was all a set up for a night of uninhibited sex. He was so shocked and surprise that I cared enough about our relationship to try this. Since then we have been closer than ever. The fights have stopped and we remembered why we were together. We somehow forget to have fun in our relationship. We know better now. Swinging helped us find our stride as a couple.

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I gave up on finding a couple that messed with my wife and mines needs. Then I saw an advertisement for Relationship Dates and thought to myself, this was perfect for us. We signed up and picked out a couple and later that week we had them over for dinner. After dessert things got hot and steamy. Because of Relationship Dates we found our favourite couple to hang out with. We are never bored anymore. Thanks Relationship Dates! You've changed our lives for good, I love my woman, and I will never stop no matter what. That's a promise. Swinging changed how we look at each other now. We've become fun and satisfied.

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My girlfriend decided that we should try and meet more sexy couples who just wanted to explore our sexuality and have some fun together. I signed us up and before we knew it we had other sexy couples messaging us to see if we wanted to go and get some drinks and see where the night takes us. We left our old selves behind and became these new girls who had fun with new amazing couples. We went from PG to Rated R almost over night. It was the perfect set up for us. Thanks Relationship Dates!! We owe it all to you lovely people. I wish I could buy you people flowers to say thanks. But since we can't we'll settle for a testimonial. Cheers.

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When I hear people bad talk hook up websites, I throw back in their face that I met my sexy husband through a hook up website. This hook up website. For our first year married we decided to spice things up and meet another couple through the website and invite them over for wine and a swinging good time. It worked and our anniversary was the sexiest anniversary any couple could've had.


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We would love to plan your next hot tub party. At Relationship Dates, the couples on here are hot hot hot. Hot couples looking for other hot couples. And trust us, this will not be everyones first time around the old hot tub. Sign up now and find lots of couples that you share simular interests. Get to know each other in our chatrooms and then prepare and plan a date to hook up. We know the more is merrier, but chemistry is also important. You can just pad your party with any old couple. Compatibility is super important and Relationship Dates aim to help narrow down your search for couples near you, to be as accurate and exciting as possible. Be the envy of all your friends, they'll be talking about your sex life for years to come. You'll look back years from now and be glad you went a little a crazy. Crazy sexy, that is. Make everyone you know jealous of your life. You can lead a life of excitement and style with some of the most gorgeous and sexy couples out there when you join Relationship Join now, join today and get your invite to the key party of the century!

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We appreciate the fun loving open minded adults that you are. At, you are never far from a kindred naughty little spirit. relationshipdate brings together couples within your community, to share with you hot sexual and seriously sensual group sex experiences. We understand your open free spirited nature, and we are eager to please and make sure you make the right connections. We don't believe that anyone should judge your preferences or hamper your style. Foursomes are sexy and a guaranteed good time. So take your lovemaking to the next level and sign you and your partner up for a free account today. Its free to register, and by doing so, you will have instant access to thousands, yes thousand of other couples who want to meet and hook up with you. Use our unique and creative search criteria to narrow down what you are attracted too. Then start checking out profiles, pictures and send and respond to messages. Feel free to use the chat rooms to engage in conversation to get to know each other. Or watch your favorite couple give you a private show! Its all possible at We believe that you are never too old or too inexperienced to start something new and sexy. Koin today and start meeting fun and gorgeous couples just like you. Start something fun and sexy tonight. Great sex is happening right now, dont you think you deserve to get involved too. Join now.


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I swung with the nicest couple I met through Relationship Dates. My relationship with my boyfriend at the time didn't last but the friendship with the couple we met did. Sometimes, that's even better than the hot sex that we had. My new boyfriend loves them, and we owe it all to Relationship Dates. I swear people at my work must think I'm crazy for doing what I do, but I always say don't knock it until you try it, and if you're ever looking to try it, call me or sign up


Surprising my girlfriend with the idea of meeting another couple for something more than just drinks was scary but she was so open to it. I told her a picked out the perfect couple on and she was even more excited that I hand picked us a couple to have hot casual sex with. After that night, now she's begging me to get us another couple. We have a profile together on Relationship Dates and it's been the most fun we've had together. Sometimes I think that if it wasn't for Relationship Dates that we would be fighting and arguing over mundane things. It truly has brought something into our relationship that we didn't think was possible or needed. But you never know what you're missing until you try something new. Thanks for helping us try something new.


My last boyfriend was a prude. So this time around I met someone on Relationship Dates to have hot sex with, it turned into a friends with benefits type situation. He told me that we could meet other couples to have hot casual sex with. I was immediately up for whatever he had planned. He made us a profile together and we've been hooking up with other couples ever since, it's made my sex life more interesting and for that I am thankful for Relationship Dates. Everyone might think we're crazy but we know the way our relationship rolls. I will never stop loving my man, and I'm not jealous of these other couples cause I know how amazing we truly are. Relationship Dates just helped us remember how kick ass we can truly be as a couple.