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I am a 25 years old straight single man living in High Point, North Carolina

i love sex but that's not ALL that matters lol

well my name is allen and i like to be active and do things although i like to play games of all kinds and hang out. i love to just go riding in my mustang that's what mainly keeps me happy nowadays. i'm a mix of everything really i'm a nerd cuz i like games, an athlete cuz i love to do stuff to challenge me physically, and a hopeless romantic. i've been through a lot and have learned quite a bit about life, i'm looking for someone who is not afraid to talk about their feelings and be open about things and someone who doesn't wanna argue and just wants to be happy in life and better themselves, but also doesn't hold a grudge and knows how to just drop things if an argument does come up. i just want a sweet girl who is happy around me and to work our way up to starting a life together if it turns out good........ lol i think this is enough, don't be afraid to just talk to me, i'm a sweet guy

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