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I am a 61 years old straight single man living in San Clemente, California

what exactly are you lookingf for....?

finally.... updated pics (I have to give an annonymous thank you to my photographer.....I don't think she visits this site, but she did such a great job.... a very good friend)..............the beard and longer hair looks much better than the pervious short business cut. Oh it was the necessary professional look. But I thought I'd let my hair down.....ok..so,you tell me..... how are the shots? ..... about myself.... complex, but conscious of that, and work at keeping things simple; full of heart, generous and sharing, at times maybe to a fault, annoyed with efforts to take advantage a generous nature, conscious or unconscious; I'm articulate; proud, hopefuly not to a fault; I have learned to look for the upside of most situations..... I enjoy looking for the heart in a woman's eyes.... when the attraction is strong, I am moved to, and enjoy touching and moving the hair along my lady's cheek, as it frames her face... and other forms of, for lack of a better term, petting types of attention.... I can enjoy just touching my lips to my woman's warm, waiting cheek.... just for a moment; brush the wisps of hair away, and just a light caress with the lips.... every so often; ................one of many things that I enjoy in the process of appreciating a woman's beautyok... those are some real things about me...what is it you find attractive enough to read this far....tell me

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