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I am a 76 years old straight single man living in Cleveland, Tennessee

hetrosexual Male

Height 5"ft.10in, weight 190lbs, Hair auburn&gray,Eyes hazelWeight:190lbs Height 5feet10inches,Hair:Auburn andgrayEyes:Hazel,Race White,Country Boyrace:White,I am past Sixty, But I stay horny all the time, My hair s auburn and salt and pepper mixedI am 5"ft. 10 inches tall, and weigh 190"lbs,Its been a while since I have had a woman, So I"msuper horny, I fantazise and masterbate about every day, Baby I need you Bad, I enjoy phonesex, and getting sexy E-mails, but I would like to have some pussy, To eat and screw,Drop mea line if this sounds good to you.i

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