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I am a 22 years old bi-curious single woman living in Sherbrooke, Quebec

Submissive curvy kinky girl searching for kinky friends and play partners

Curvy girl that likes kinky stuff.No insult but I'm not attracted to black men at all. Sorry.I am seeking people that enjoy things like flogging, spanking, bondage, and enjoys play that doesn't have to evolve to sex (not to say it couldn't). I may choose to do sexual things with you, but that's my choice, not yours.And play does not mean you can do anything you want, things will be discussed before hand and agreed what can be done and can't be done, as proper negotiations should be.Right away: I don't cam. I don't do online. Sorry.I choose to play with the age groups I am comfortable with. I am not against other people and their ages wants, etc, but for me I am most comfortable with people not more than 15 years my senior (meaning 35).I am a submissive, not a slave.

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