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I am a 45 years old straight single man living in Orange Park, Florida

Single, Searching & Romantic

I would describe myself as a good listener and as someone who cares deeply about my friends and family.I am a very optimistic person that believes that your life is truly what you make it.I have no fear of dirty nappies or baby sick... so kids aren't a problem,I love children and believe that good parenting is key to their development.I love to go to the park and I love to work outside in the yard.I love holding hands, hugging and giving a gentle massage from time to time.Romance has a lot of meaning to me but I guess the most important are the small things. Like a quick call during a busy day just to say "hello" or "I was just thinking about you". Or sending flowers or a card to let that someone know they are special or when getting up to get yourself a drink while snuggling on the couch watching a movie asking if your "snuggle partner" if they would like one also.Mutual giving & trust at the forefront as an important building block

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