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I am a 35 years old straight single man living in Brisbane, Queensland

How open minded are you!!!

Domesticated Bloke for missing of tha dunny) and will cook dinner if ya bring tha desert!For the first 50 callers......%50 discount...........But wait, there's more!My tongue never gets cramped and I can move my ears backwards and forwards..Also "GO THA BLUES (NRL)".Although a Gemini also nearly as much Taurus lives in me i guess that makes me a bull with a twin...what tha? Oh, and my favourite animals are black panthers and eagles.I am a curly mopped, tanned, skinny freckly bloke who is into most things blokey (cars, fishing, bbq's, camping,and...ggggirls:}). I m also a bloke who is Master Chef (in my kitchen anyway) and when there's no-one around I'm also the next Australian Idol. Guess I'm shy but can be loud at times,fairly fit (can nearly run a block without coughin' more than 5, fairly intelligent (enough to know to not try and figure the other half of the species out), love me music (not so much country though), I enjoy sleepin' in or stayin up all night, snugglin' on the couch on rainy days but have been known to go out into said rain and play in the puddles....HEE..HEE. Gettin' on a bit in me age and still want to play like a little kid at times and if there are kids about i do become one of them....Keeps me young at heart. I have recently been relived of me duties as a dad by the dreaded ex...and now feel it is time for me to come out and play. But....not sure if want tha one night stand thingy, but in saying that until i find someone to keep warm at night and keep me warm at night.....who knows?p.s. I am sorta hatin tha single life and also love a good challenge...also not really into chattin much, sorta like talkin to an answering machine that talks back....But i will chat to ya for a little while. And if i REALLY have to will watch one of ya girly moviews with ya...But not too often...ego and all!!!!

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