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I am a 27 years old straight single man living in Brisbane, Queensland

Fuck it you only live once im in

I work hard** I play harder** I play touch footy** I play indoor soccer** I play beach volleyball** I play pool** I walk, run and bike ride** I work out** I have the best mates** I drink mochas** I drink tequila straight** I am easily amused** I hate mind games** I am straight forward** I watch sunsets** I light candles** I burn incense** I work out** I listen to music** I daydream** I love bongo drums** I believe in karma** I believe mates are for life** I believe smiling is contagious** I believe in inner beauty** I believe in soul mates** I believe love is the most powerful emotion** I believe the world is your oyster but its your choice whether or not you live in a shell** I believe that if you want to do something, do it and do it better then anyone else can** I love life** I love Chocolate** I love the smell of rain** I love the ocean** I take nothing for granted** I love the outdoors**

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