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I am a 24 years old straight single man living in Yuma, Arizona

From the ground we came, and to dust we shall return.

I like anything you do. I'm up for anything. I like books, movies, and video games. I like coffee at any time of the day. I like to drink with friends and hang out. I am a smoker so I smoke when I damn well please. I want to get out and try new things. I'd love to go camping, skydiving, dune-riding, seriously damn well everything. Life is what you make it, and I want to live it.I have a few tattoos and plan on getting more. I used to have piercings, but my current job doesn't allow them. I'm told I have a smart mouth, so you better be able to take a joke and dish it right back out. I can be outgoing and I can be shy. I can be sweet and I can be mean. I am the fire and the ice.So the question is, are you game?

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