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I am a 26 years old straight single man living in Tyler, Texas

lets cause a scene... clap our hands... stomp our feet... or something

Physically i'm 6', give or take an inch. dirty blond hair that's short, & usually have a 6o'clock shadow cuz shaving isnt fun! im 160-170lbs dependin on what scale im on. workin on the 6pack... i have the outline but i dont have the cut down the middle yet... should be in by the end of the month, or thats when the invoice from UPS says! by no stretch of the imagination do i have a keg! ummm... i cant think of anything else 2 put hereMentally oh wow... where 2 begin, um im not quiet or loud if i dont konw you. if i do, i get pretty hyper since i am a child of the ADD era... ADHD in my case! as far as partier... i was BORN 2 party! if u know of one... u better invite me! but yea... just ask & ill tell ya more

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