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I am a 23 years old straight single man living in Tacoma, Washington

I Lost My Teddy Bear... Will You Sleep With Me?

I am just looking for some fun. Nothing too serious just yet. I am unselfish and care about others. If you like someone who will drop what they are doing to help someone else no matter what the cost (within a sensible reason of course), I am your man. Dont mistake my kindness for weakness though! People who meet me tend to think I will let them walk all over me....wrong answerI am career military, so I will be in for another 17 or so years....maybe. I plan on taking time in the near future to go to college and get atleast a bachelors in psychology. My favorite things to do when I'm not working are go to concerts (mostly metal), drive around, shoot, or just hang out and party with friends. I can be quiet at times, or an @$$hole if I need to be. I am very realistic and open minded so I don't get upset over the small things- I can take a joke and I hope you can too.I live an active lifestyle and can't stand these fat slobs walking around. HAVE SOME DISCIPLINE PEOPLE! I also Like a good smile- no british teeth...that's just gross! I don't have a good smile (looks more like a smirk/pain), but I take care of my teeth. Basically, you need to have good hygeine, because I take pride in how I look/smell/taste ;-) and would hope you do the same.Adrennaline junkie might be a little excessive, but it's close to how I would describe myself. Give me a parachute, or a fast car, or a rollercoaster and I'm in!

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