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I am a 31 years old straight single man living in Fayetteville, Arkansas

I am "A Prince among men"

Let me put it like this... Imagine the most joyous moment that you have ever experinced in life, now multiply that by twenty then divide that by infinity and that will tell you what it`s like to be around me. I am just an exciting person. I take the approach to life that in EVERYTHING that you do in your life should invoke some kind of passion in you.For if you have no passion for the things that you dothen NO ONE will ever see the best that is in you, and if you do not give something that you feel passionately about your best, then don`t waste your time with me because I go above, beyond, and supercede the rest. And that is all that you will ever be is the "Rest" to me if you don`t pursue life passionately. Because I don`t accept mediocratey, because I am not and refuse to be mediocer, or average. When I wake up in the mouring every day I approach life like a savage, like a preditor hunting its prey, I approach every opportunity waiting for the moment in which I may be enlightened in some way.That is how I hunt and what I hunt is knowledge, for if knowledge is power then let me aquire enough power in my lips to be able to tell the most powerful words that were taught to me by life, and not college. And those words are that "You are Beauty", your the most beautiful thing to me it`s not your outward appearance but that inner beauty that truly makes you a treasure to me. You are grace, you are style, you are the epitome of everything I value in women and on top of that you have that smile. So I say to you not your beautiful, or fine because to me "You are beauty" and you truly blow my mind.

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