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I am a 33 years old bisexual single woman living in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Meow and purr with me. Shake your tail and maybe you can shake mine!

I love sex. Why else would I be here? ;) And, yes guys, I know "with a body like yours you could get it whenever you want." And I do! ;) But the "catch of the day," isn't usually much of a CATCH, y'know?I love to dance in clubs but tire of gently jilting the hoodrats, playas and drunken frat boys. Pull up your pants, leave your cap and jersey at home (or burn them), get some ceramic teeth and leave the drugs and violence far, far behind. Come to the club to let loose, smile and have fun! And PLEASE respect the ladies. We will be the ones to start the grinding, not you! If I'm at the bar, fine, introduce yourself. But banal banter like "Hey baby, you lookin' mighty FINE out there," will only get you a condescending glare (see "intellect" below). And though I don't need my man to be my bodyguard, I don't mind the occasional chivalrous intervention.That said, I love to flirt and get physical, on my terms. I'll tease you some, but I'll please you more! If it's all in good fun, it's all good and it's all fun. I need the respect a strong woman deserves but I sometimes want my man to take charge. Good luck figuring out when it's the right time! ;)Does my photo show I've got a little latina in me? I sometimes like a big latino in me too! ;) But lay off the espanol Jose, I'm all-Americano. ;) I'm lower maintenance than you'd expect, not a tomboy obviously, but not a hothouse orchid either. I'm real. Are you?

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