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I am a 29 years old straight single man living in Brampton, Ontario

Just a regular guy lookin for some fun HOLLA at a player............

PAY ATTENTIONA guy can ask a girl out on a date.If he likes the girl, I mean, why wait?Taking risks is what it's all about.So we have some dinner, maybe dance,Go out to a bar and have a drink.You ask me this or that and what I think.No need right away for a romance.Why not just two people having fun,Being with each other, nothing more.And then, or then not, opening a doorTo see what else might happen with this one.OR U COULDLet's go out and have some fun.It doesn't matter where or when,Or what we say or what we do,As long as it's just me and you.Let's be together for a whileAnd get to know each other well,Exchanging jokes and tales and chatterBefore we get to things that matter.Let's see what happens when we danceAcross an evening sky, and glimpseBelow the stirrings of a seaThat might--or not--wind-haunted be.

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