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I am a 51 years old straight single woman living in De Soto, Texas

"Are you up for a challenge?"

Inner beauty is just as important to me as physical beauty. Beautiful men are common, but a beautiful man with a great attitude,great energy,and a great outlook on life is rare and someone I'd like to discover more about. . You can get an idea about of person's outer beauty from a photo, but you can't truly discover anything about the person on the inside until you bring the full range of communication into play--voice, intelligence, presence, and most of If you are online just to chat, please don't contact me because I am serious about finding a real man for a long term relationship.That means getting to know you face to face. You must be a man above the age of 45.Remember, out of the age of time it comes, coursing thru our veins it comes,pulsating in our in our brains it comes crashing like a thunder roll echoing in our very soul..listen for it...the pure and primal sound of....Passion !!!

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