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I am a 29 years old straight single man living in Jefferson City, Missouri

Dark and handsome..dark and intense..pure unbridled sex is my trade among trades.where would you like me to lick you?...

Perhaps I am but a deviant, seeking out others of my nature. I appreciate sex in all its forms, and wish to do more voyeuristic couplings in the future. I am a dominator in the bedroom, but I yearn and wait for the woman who has the will and the talent to break me and make me submit to her whim. I am 5 foot 8 inches of a lithe body and long fingers to accomodate my scorpio nature. I am slightly above average in length, either way though I dont just use that to fulfil a womans needs. I have a high sex drive, but have unreal control, as I have gone years without sex, which sucks indefinitely. At least a few times a day is what I need, for sex is also an emotional eclipse of a magnitude for affection that is given to only those who can reach for the edge. I have a huge collection of pornography, both movies and mags, but they are merely tools, part of the art of the bedroom. I am a hopeless romantic at heart and treat the women who come into my life as they deserve to be treated. As queens, but remember, I am the names Garrick, and I want a girl who can help me throw off the chains and unleash my sensual/sexual true nature. I keep in shape by swimming and rock climbing, enjoy reading most of the time and enjoy being out on the water,as it centers me.

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