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I am a 64 years old straight single man living in Sydney, New South Wales

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I like having great conversations about anything, much nicer than internet chatting;I don't drink or smoke;I like to have a really close friend that I can talk to about anything;I have a great sense of humour and I like to make people laugh too;I am very honest and I have a strong attitude towards what is right and wrong;I can be relied on to get things working;I enjoy a quiet dinner where sometimes I like to cook;I enjoy life very much as it offers a lot to do;I love sensuality-give and take; hand and foot massages all round;I am interested in social and artistic issues and in most other things - philosophy, science, computers, healing arts, current affairs, business;I like to use the internet to research my interests;I love computers especially my Macintosh G4, using it for my work;I believe in spirituality and I am committed to my personal growth through my art, writing, film-making, and drawing;I am an avid music lover, taking in most genres. I am more into folk music and such, especially from other cultures;I would like my best friend to participate with me in these fields as well;I like to keep fit by jogging occasionally, fitting it in with my work commitments;I eat sensibly and don't eat junk food;

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