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I am a 36 years old straight single man living in Leesburg, Virginia


I'm having a hard time making my peace with Northern Virginia, mostly because it sucks bland, political and uptight.I laugh out loud at cartoons.I'm scared to death of 'little girl ghosts.'I regularly ask my dog for advice.I'm a writer who doesn't write.I prefer my fast food burgers sans crap (aka secret sauce).I often get the 'Alone in a Crowded Room' feeling.I seem to excel in things that I don't give a shit about.My style has been described as a taseful blend of comfort and neglect. Bland, yet classy.I have a tendency of coming accross as resoundingly negative. It's not really what I think, it's just a reflex of noticing how some situations fall short of their potential. I wrestle with the astounding difficulty of trying to do the right thing, at least most/some of the time. I've gotten awards for public speaking, but I'm still nervous, shy and awkward until some decent level of familiarity. I can make a face like a monkey. I'm loyal to a fault. I make friends with smokers, just to go outside at work. I have shelves full of books I haven't read, and still grow my Amazon wishlist. I thrive on discovering obscure shit. I dry clean as much as I can, because I hate doing laundry.I like my music loud and depressing. I'm a caffeine junkie. I might just be the only guy who doesn't give a crap that he's losing his hair. I wear a hearing aid in both ears (I'm nowhere near deaf though). I spend more time trying to figure a way out of doing the things I don't want to do than the time it would take to just do them. I am way too critical of myself.I'm a nice guy in disguise.

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