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I am a 24 years old straight single man living in Bloomington, Illinois

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Hello there my name is Andrew Bettendorf or as other people like to call me Andy, Drew, or even Cardinal Hat! I'm 19 I've graduated from Normal West! 08 Rulez!!! If you have ever met me you should know that I'm COLOMBIAN not Asian!! (Just so you know.) I was born in Bucaramanga (South America) I'm half Colombian half American to be exact. I like to hang with a variety of people and like to socialize a lot whenever I get the chance. I’m a pretty friendly guy once you get to know me. I am a White Sox Fan and not a Cardinal fan. I love to go to local band show's and listen to some indie, metal, or hardcore (death) metal and mosh- Hardcore dance!!! I always go to shows to support my friends band Harder To Fall, Brother of ours, and The Illest Array! Some of my favorite sports are: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, and I love to play Ultimate Frisbee! My favorite colors are red, black, and grey. I love going out to eat at Denny's, Dairy Queen, Steak n' Shake and Mings! I like to get out as much as possible and hang with my friends and do crazy things together! I try to work out as much as possible. And I like it when people come to me when they have a problem and want to talk about it, because I'm there to help my friends and support them whenever they need it. So yeah that's pretty much it.

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