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I am a 46 years old straight single woman living in Enid, Oklahoma

Different people have different needs...

I am just me... you take it as it is or not.. I dont profess to be the perfect woman but do have some good qualities...I am told I have nice eyes and a great sense of humor... mostly outgoin but shy in some situations..if you're looking for barbie doll body or model material then thats not me... have a few pounds I could stand to loose but in no way am obese or large.I am always cool with meeting new people and making new friends.However not every one is so lucky to hang out with me lol. I have some stipulations you must meet. If you meet all of them and I have not managed to offend you then congratulations! You are not a crayon eater plus you have no life since you were able to finish my novel. ROFL.(And apparently I dont have one either since I am home typing it up.)You cant get offended easily. If you do, dont waste your time and most definitely dont waste mine. Most of the time I dont even mean it. . And of course there are times I do it on purpose just because it is funny and they deserve it. Gotta love me. It is amazing how people can entertain you and not mean it.I am 41. Please be around my age. Lets say no one over 49.(I reserve the right to up the age on a case by case basis.. ME not you )I want to see a picture of you, mines posted here.It is not that hard and actually is a very simple process. Amazingly. I am not asking for a pic to see if you are hot. I just care that you know how to take care of yourself. To be cont'd...

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