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I am a 27 years old straight single man living in Exeter, Devon

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Hmmm... About me!.. its never easy to describe yourself is it!?.. I suppose i consider myself somewhat of a mixed personality. On one side i am a soft romantic, looking for his own love story, forever searching for that perfect girl whome i can sweep off her feet, marry and have kids, then ride off into the sunset... etc etc, while the other is an ambitous, focused, perhaps slightly arrogant side of myself that allows me to drive myself forward in my lifes goals. The latter is the side of me most are acustomed too, the former the side i reserve for only my closest and most loved...I adore music, i believe there is a sound track to every moment, and any moment can be emotinally charged if the right song, or piece of music is played. My taste is eclectic to say the least, and i can appreciate the quality in music whatever form it may come in. My passion for music means i absolutely love the clubbing scene, i thrive on social atmospheres, have an ability to interact with just about anybody, and im quite content on the dancefloor for hours at a time!This leads to my career goals and aspirations i guess... I manage nightclubs... Or at least i did until i moved to devon :P... The nightlife here is err.. small?.. i worked for gatecrasher for most of my professional career, going as far as being their retail and bars manager for a watford venue... Not a bad achievement for 21 i suppose... Alas its on hold until i find the courage to move back to london and retake the riegns on the industry... For now though... Im just drifting by happily enjoying the piece and quiet devon has to offer... :)

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