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I am a 25 years old straight single man living in Atlanta, Georgia

Known As A Pleaser...Dont Fool With Da Teasers

Q: So Javon how freaky are you.... A: Put it like this..im the freakiest Str8 man alive... Q: What do you mean by that? A: That means that i do everything to a female excpet for the same activities that a gay man would perform..namely anal sex....(thats reserved for gay ppl girls...come on...plus its not good for u..) Q: Do you eat pussi? A: Yes i do... Q: Do you eat pussi good? A: What kinna ? is that...like Dj Khaled said "We Da Best" ( We = Me, Myself, And I) Q: How long can u go? A: I'ma b real with yall...i can go for as long as i need to go...i always do my job to keep my girls hella wet....just as she should do her job and keep me on hard.....sex is teamwork....so if i b slippin...suck my dick...juss ike if u stop being wet...ima eat yo pussi till u as wet as i want u to be...(but u aint gotta worry bout that....if im fuckin with u then u aint got no problem stayin wet) Q: Night or Day? A: I prefer the dark...but shit ion mind doin it in the day time...i mean my dick is always ready if u are Q: Why dont you initiate any sexual act that much? A: Sexually imma beast...and i dont want a female talkin bout...it was your fault and you started it and shit (yea there are still grown ass women who use this as an excuse)..so if u want some...we can do it..u juss gotta initiate it...cuz ion wanna hear all that "sidesmack" Q: Turn-ons? A: Exotic females (mainly africans, asians, and europeans...whites too)..when a female touches me...when a female put her lips on me period...fightin (physical)....anger (yea...i like a mad female...juss dont b made at me..)...authority...sadism/masochism (basically pain for the ones who dont kno what da fuck this is)..there are others but...i think thas enuff... Q: Fav Positions? A: 1.) 69 2.) Doggy 3.) Girl On Top

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