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I am a 54 years old bi-curious single man living in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

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I'm interested in a playful relationship I am hoping to meet a person of the opposite sex who is an intelligent, professional type who also likes the slightly wilder side of life and a little extra in their lives. I'm relatively fit, slim (no beer belly), clean shaven, little body hair (not a hair bear), free of diseases and practice safe sex. I'm definitely no stud but Im active and willing to please and will do my best to fulfill your needs if that is what you desire. Do you have a fantasy that you would liked fulfilled? Well, I could also help in this area so just let me know and together we could explore your wishes.If you are interested in just a chat or maybe a massage, then thats fine with me but if you would prefer more of an intimate massage or the full works, then Im confident that I would be able to deliver. Falling asleep, beer burping or floppy appendages are definitely a no-no from my perspective.Age or size are not an issue for me as my aim is to gain maximum satisfaction for the both of us so if you are interested in day time fling, then dont hesitate to drop me line and be assured, I will answer all emails with promptness and the utmost discretion.Take a risk, email me, and well see what eventuates.

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