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I am a 60 years old straight single man living in Johnson City, Tennessee

Seeking a sexually open minded woman for companionship,lover,and best friend

I'm a sexually and otherwise open minded person that likes to eat pussy,Bi-sexual females are fine as long as they share,I don't do arguing,there's nothing that can't be talked out reasonably. I'm loyal to my mate and expect the same in return. I don't do males so there is NO discussion on that.I respect women,women were born with a natural burden they have to endure most of their life.This brought maturity and the intricacies of life at an earlier age than males,they became smarter earlier,and gain a good degree of common sense.They should always be respected and WILL be around me!Or someone will be dealing with me!All decisions made concerning our relationship will be decided together,50/50,I'm not perfect so don't expect anyone else to be,so when we have problems we sit down and talk it out.If you decide you want another man have enough respect for me to tell me before you start and we'll go our separate ways.Thank You for your time!

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