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I am a 24 years old straight single man living in Springfield, Ohio

Im lookin for a woman with a sexual appetite as hungry as mine.

Whats up? My name is Marvin. Im a Junior in college and a Mechanical Engineering major. I have many talents. I can play five musical instruments as well as write music for them, I have 7 art awards, and I play damn near every sport VERY well. Luckily these talents have all lead me to my best one, My ability to give a woman an orgasm so hard she might actually lose her memory for a few seconds. Lol, I know it sounds over-the-top, but its true. I can read a girls body and make it say my name. Lol, other than that Im pretty laid back and very easy to talk to. If you have anything else you wanna know, hit me up. I got a trial tho. So if you dont catch me here, dont give up. Give me a way and Ill get to you.

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