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I am a 39 years old straight single man living in Toledo, Ohio

Looking to try out something new and looking for someone to tag along.

Who am I?Well Im a 32 year old who is looking for some changes in his life.D/D free and non-smokerLet me get this out of the way also before people see my picture and wonder.No Im not from anywhere in the Middle East, India, Pakistan or anywhere else you probably thought.Im biracial Black, Native American., Hungarian and German.Im a geek and will not make any excuses or apologize for it either.I will leave work early to rush home to put together a new computer. Just as fast as I would in order to get home to watch my Broncos play some football. What I mean by that is that Im not looking for anyones approval. I am who I am no matter what I do so long as Im ok with it. I enjoy being around people, but I dont have to be. Always up for a road trip some where new just to get out of town.I dont smoke and prefer others who do not as well. This doesnt mean Im going to alienate anyone who does. To each their own and I dont expect to be judged and will not judge others for being who they are.I believe in honesty as lying does no one any good and just gets in the way.I enjoy laughing and a sense of humor is a great thing. Not really into the club scene however hanging out at the local drinking hole is something I can do. Going out with friends or hanging at home and relaxing its all good with me. When its all said and done I want to do what makes me feel good.So who am I? Well everything above and a bit more. And if given the chance Ill prove it to you.

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