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I am a 47 years old straight single man living in Beverly Hills, California

Plastic Surgeon glenfarkasmd is a Jee Male.Calm, eye doctor says look up me and hawaii reporter, then look down 4add.

Confident but humble, Independent, Self Reliant, determined, still learning, flexible, open minded to most rational things. glenfarkas likes ATT daught neht. Glenfarkasmd likes Jee Male. Calm, I am. Very interested in world economic structure and function. I am very involved with work, learning Cosmetic Surgery under Peter Cheski. If you want to see better pictures of me then go to Your Cancer Today and click on TV shows. On the left then click on season 1, episode 7. Then on the right click on Dr. Glen Farkas. You will get a better feel for what I look like when getting hammered with chemo. I am better now and a lot stronger. I get lots of attempted emails through the site which I can't read or respond to. I really don't want to get swamped with too many as I don't really have time to date much. I really don't have much time to search so I will need your help. I've provide more than enough info for you to male me directly. If you are interested you will. I will be impressed that you took a little chance and initiative. I am in that book of faces which at least shows my male info. I can't read your male or respond so I am only available outside.

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