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I am a 23 years old straight single man living in Athens, Ohio

Will you look into my heart and see me as I truly am?

Im a doer, not just a talker. The result of my actions gives me great self-confidence. I work hard in my studies, I constantly read and do research to improve my mind and body, and I implement what I learn. My ability to teach others what I have learned, and show them things they might have never discovered on their own is my favorite attribute. If I could change one thing about myself it would be the rate at which I learn- it’s never fast enough.I’m a fun and happy guy, so I’m tolerant of most people, but I do have one thing that irritates me. I can’t stand people who flake, flaking is a big pet peeve of mine- promising to be somewhere at a certain time and then not showing. I consider that to be extremely rude, as are phone calls that are not returned in a timely manner. I’ll do you the courtesy of responding to your communication and I expect the same in return. If you have a history of flaking please don’t write me, it’ll only waste my time and yours.My ideal relationship would be being with a special woman who I can feel an incredible connection and incredible energy with. Someone who truly believes in me and I in her. There is passion, energy, and extreme sensuality flowing between us- others take notice because they can feel the energy between us and they wonder “How can I feel that with someone as well?” We spend time creating moments and memories, each better that the last. Is this attainable? Many believe it isn’t but I believe, and know it is.When meeting someone for the first time my perfect setting would be someplace where we can both feel really comfortable with each other, someplace where we can talk openly, and freely, and laugh and learn about each other. You would find that I’m approachable, honest, straightforward, sincere, and communicate openly.

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