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I am a 40 years old straight single man living in Las Vegas, Nevada


I'm a twin, which can be cool and yet be very bad if one of us isn't liked much. I, myself, am a lover of the big cities and why not? I'm from London, its a great place to live, I'm not use to this bloody weather here in Texas, it's so hot!!! I have done alot of work for many companies in the fashion business, you can go to a site where you can see my work when we get to know each other better.just to let you know I am not joking about my profession because I know there are a lot of weirdos out there that pretend to do what I do. The website is my portfolio, which I have been doing work for--the website isn't fully complete yet but soon will be. The people here are so cool here and treat me very well. Now, I'm not your typical photographer, I prefer to think out of the box like every other British photographer, which means work of very high standards. Quite so, I love classical music, Hip Hop and all that Jazz non stop bootie shaking your grove thang of sorts, but I do prefer a little more of the smooth sound of funk jazz and what we Brits call out there rave music. I travel all the time due to my work. I have been to Tokyo, Ireland, Africa, and now to the United States which inculdes New York, Cali, Colorado, Chicago, and now Dallas. I'm nothing more of the sort, but just a journalist ..... well a photojournalist as my colleagues say. But I haven't found that special person yet, and when your're thinking of your future career well, it's really hard to find someone. So my friends told me about this site, and so here I am wishing for something different in my life.

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