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I am a 69 years old straight single man living in Cambridge, Massachusetts

MWM looking for intimate extracurricular partner

I'm tall, with reddish-brown hair, blue eyes, a graying but trim beard, a slim build and a V8 sex drive. I should be retired, but I'm still a working professional. I'm a good companion for recreation, museums, art, music and the bedroom. I'm a non-stop reader and movie-watcher. I love being outside and active. At this time of year, you're likely to find me on a bike, a trail, or in a kayak. If you enjoy the same, great (they're great ways to get acquainted). But like you, I'm here for sex. I've always thought of myself as a passionate, and thorough lover. A clean-sheeted bed, and a sympathetic companion to share it with, would be sweet on an late summer day like today. A passionate impromptu hookup that leaves us laughing and breathless, perhaps. Or a discreet evening that includes talk, food, wine and unhurried lovemaking. Are we the ones we've been waiting for? Write if you're interested. If we click, my mind, body, and spirit are at your service.

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