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I am a 39 years old straight single man living in Atlanta, Georgia

Brazilian Bi-racial Guy... I LOVE HEATED SEX!!!

First, I'm a successful professional with a Great Career...Not a Job. I love what I do everyday. It allows me to travel the world monthly. I'm half WHITE( WHITE MOM) and half BRAZILIAN. I'm extremely SEXUAL!!! I LOVE SEX! I'm looking for a Mature, Honest, Sexy and Confident woman to spend quality time with. A woman who self sufficient before I meet her. I have a very well balance lifestyle and I'm not looking for Drama! My motto - Work very hard and Play even Harder!!! I enjoy traveling, helping the unfortunate and meeting new people of all backgrounds. In my spare time I attend alot of Sporting events and Public events and I need that one SEXY Woman by my side to have stimulating conversations and a HEATED SEX LIFE. Serving in the military early in life allowed me to experience the world, Respect Life, have Appreciation for hard work and have a ethic Code of Conduct. I don't have time for Needy, Shallow and Rude women. As for my picture I have a highly Visible profile career - but if you think Will Smith the actor is attractive then you can picture me. My female colleagues and new people I meet for the first time tell me I could be Will Smith body double or very close relative. I served in the U.S. Marine and I'm always ready to serve. I hate to be bored. I'm very adventurous and spontaneous most of the time and 1/3rd of the time I enjoy relaxing to recharge up again. My favorite past time is having great conversations with intelligent people, listening to music, traveling, and staying fit. I hate people who are inconsiderate of others, Lazy, bad hygiene, Cheap, and most of Liars. I enjoy people who are Cool and Drama FREE!!!!!. Life is too good to be around the wrong crowd. Only SERIOUS women email me! Thanks

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