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I am a 32 years old straight single woman living in Houston, Texas

Not all cheerleaders are bimbos.

Hi there, my name is Jen. Im a 19 yr. old captain of the cheerleading squad of our district high school. It might seem weird that a person like me is looking for someone here in the net when Im surely one of the hottest chics on campus but the guys I have went out with (and those in line) were only in it for the sex and the popularity. I think the stereotype, that popular girls in school are stupid, attracts bad matches. I wanna hook up with someone who can make sense out of everything. Someone whos into the whys of life and not into responses like, oh, shit happens. Someone who would show me some depth that Ive never seen from my exes. I know youre just out there and I want to know you a lot. Im not into great looks or nice bods. I had my share of that. I still believe in the saying, People age and become physically unattractive at some point in their lives, But their brilliance only fades once Alzheimers or Dementia kicks in, and thatll take an awfully longer wait.

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