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I am a 39 years old straight single man living in Torquay, Devon

I love sex :-) Looking for someone to share in evenings of absolute sexual debauchery :-). Can't wait to meet you ..Ian X

I am into sex in a big way, I try to go to swinging parties, but finding someone to go with can be quite difficult sometimes, everyones into the idea, until it comes to the crunch...but have found parties since that are cool with single guys that can 'perform' and joining in the general debauchery, which is very cool, but would really like to meet a hot , insatiable broad minded girl. :-)) Is that you? I've got no inhibitions, and am open to pretty much anything as long as it's hot and sexy.. Absolutely love oral, and have a fetish about girls that can squirt... If any of this has piqued your interest, come ad say hello... Am just a basic member at the moment, Xmas was expensive.. But please watch this space, I want to meet you and have loads of fun.. All the very sexy best ..Ian X

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