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I am a 60 years old straight single man living in Stockport, Greater Manchester

Over fifty, but still raring to go.

No Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt I`m afraid. But then again, I`m no elephant man either. i suppose the word 'average' just about covers most things about me. So if your looking for some fit young stud with a massive cock read no further. That said, I think i have a pretty fair sense of humour . I`m also happy with who I am and am not looking for any major changes in my life. So a 24/7 relationship is not what I`m looking for. I`m looking for someone to compliment who I am, not change me into someone I`m not. And for that very same reason I`m looking for a woman that is also happy with herself. I`m 5' 9" with brown hair and blue eyes. Currently single and missing a few of the perks a full time relationship has to offer. So if your looking for someone to experiment with sexually , i might just be your man. I have an open mind and would not object if you were bi-curious, or even wanted to participate in group sex with others, men or women. That said I must stress that I am straight and would only participate on a voyeuristic level if group sex with men was your passion. I`m not looking for a permanent relationship, but if we did hit it off in a big way would be happy to give it a go if that was what you wanted.

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