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I am a 31 years old straight single man living in Racine, Wisconsin

CAUTION: Sex devil here. Your mom warned you about guys like me :)

I love hot sex. It's like an art. One of the best things in the World. Yeah, I'm bad, but I feel good about it. I love doing it often and everywhere. I love making girls cum. That's the most enjoyable part for me. I'm not selfish.I usually like starting out slow. After eyes meet eyes and lips touch lips, I want you to start feeling that sensation of my fingers running all over your body. You just can't predict where they will go next. As my fingers run all over your body, you get wetter and wetter, You start moaning and you want more... much more. Your panties get soaking wet second by second.As I instantly turn you around and put your hands agaist the wall, you will feel that power. While you feel a gentle touch of my lips on your neck, you also feel that hard big cock rubbing against your...Um, ok, I'm pretty turned on myself while typing it. I want it bad, so message me!

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