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I am a 53 years old straight single man living in Babylon, New York

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I'm a huge Yankee fan and I like the Jets and the Rangers. I'm not a sports nut, but I do enjoy attending and watching in a local sports bar or in the comfort of my own home on a big screen in HD. I really enjoy it with someone who also likes the same.I love comedy shows, the Allman Brothers, and everything music related from the 60's and 70's. That doesn't mean I'm stuck there. I love boating on the south shore and all the fun it brings. I'm social, but not a party animal. Shy is never a word used in the same sentence when describing me. I am full of life, drive and passion to be the best I can be and to be true to myself. I love genuine laughter and sincerity, and have to laugh at myself and some of the foibles that have been created. I enjoy working and accomplishing goals I set for myself and my sons. I love the outdoors, but not neccessarily gardening. I enjoy creating things, but not building a house. I enjoy writing and reading, but never seem to make enough time for both, unfortunately. I'm easy to get along with, if you're easy and comfortable with who you are.The company is what matters, not the location or the wine or the candles. Without you-and I mean the person who has read this and is still continuing-those are all nice, but I'm not going to light candles for myself or run a bubble bath if you're not there. Let's be honest. How many guys do you know that ask the guys if they want to light candles with their piza and beer? If so, then I'm the wrong kinda "fella"-(wink). I'm sure you can appreciate that. When solo, I'll take a shower and watch TV at a local sports bar while I'm having a burger and a brew.

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