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I am a 24 years old bi-curious single man living in Redondo Beach, California

A Halo? Just One More Thing To Keep Clean.

Eager to learn new things about everything. I love music...Metal, Industrial, Punk...You get the idea. I occasionally drink, and DESPISE smoking and smokers. Drugs for me arent much of a big thing. Philosophy, metaphysics, sprituality (NOT ORGANIZED RELIGION), interest me and I would eventually like to research mopre into those subjects. Friends are the most important people in my life; in order for me to stay sane, I have them. I hate drama in all of its forms; if you bring a bad vibe... Leave me be. I intend to get into a band someday, for its my passion. I want to learn German as well, Ive been to Australia about three times. That's about it...I dont want to sound like its all about me.-Thomas

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