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I am a 63 years old straight single man living in Burlington, Vermont

Fun Loving "Off - the - Wall Renegade"

am a Dudley Moore look alike, fit, and unfettered. At heart, I am still somewhat of the Puck in Midsummer's Night Dream, I live a bit on the edge because lying around on sofa as a couch potato is definitely not for me. I am slightly odd (and proud of it!) and adventurous - somewhat of a Don Quixote. I like to listen to such things as "In Bed with Suzie Bright" downloaded from Audible - great talking book site. I love the chemistry that suddenly erupts every so often and provides very memorable images. Being cerebal can also be a turn on for me. I like to cook natural foods and enjoy light opera, folk and the classics. I like skiing in the winter, bike riding, hiking and boating in the summer. I am not into organized sports, or much tv watching except for movies.

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