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I am a 31 years old bisexual single woman living in Trenton, New Jersey

i like it dirty ;)

i would like to make something clear...i am a big beautiful woman...if that's not ur thing, click the X...if it is, lucky you!! i am a very open minded and sexual woman...i'm very confident in my ability to please my partner(s) and expect the same in return...which is what brought me to this site in the first seems, recently, it's hard to find people that are on my level...i'm not looking for anything serious...just a man, woman, or both to get freaky with! i love threesomes...preferably 2 girls and a guy...for any ladies out there interested in a threesome i have the third party, and if u enjoy feeling good you'll enjoy him as much as i do...the same thing goes for any men interested in a threesome, i have a girlfriend that could join us too ;)

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